Why do you support/promote Space Colonization?

We believe in freedom and social reforms. However political freedoms are under pressure on this planet, even in the Western World. Whether freedom is compromised by big corporations, unions or intolerant religious fanatics (among other threats), politicians in every country on this planet tend to listen to whoever pays their campaign, serve their interests instead of that of the public.

Further social reforms are almost impossible in most societies due to established interests. For instance welfare reform in Western Europe is only possible to a very limited degree. Social reforms are only possible if a large part of the population is willing to support those, unfortunately most people are afraid of many reforms. Examples like the Soviet Union show that imposing large scale reforms from above will fail.

Therefore we believe that the only way to implement social reforms is to start (a) new society/ies and since all land on Earth is already occupied, lies our only chance for starting new societies in outer space.

See for detailed information: here

Why colonizing these rather than the Moon or Mars?

There are several reasons, for a more detailed discussion of the disadvantages of colonizing the moon respectively Mars see here and here. But the main advantage of the Lagrange of the Earth-Sun system is the (possible) existence of Earth Trojans, asteroids which are orbiting the fourth and fifth Lagrange points, these Trojan can provide local space settlements of all resources they need. On July 27, 2012 the existence of at least one Earth Trojan, 2010_TK7, was confirmed. Given the existence of a large cloud of Jovian Trojans, multiple Mars Trojans and Neptunian Trojans, it is reasonable to assume there are many more Earth Trojans. Even if they don’t exist, it will be possible to move Near Earth Asteroids to the Lagrange points for exploitation.

What about gravity?

In free space habitats gravity is replaced by the centrifugal force, which is created by rotating the habitat around its axis. This centrifugal force will push the residents of the habitat against the wall.

By adjusting the rotational velocity of the habitat to its radius, the centrifugal force will have an equal strength as terrestrial surface gravity.

In this way the negative effects of weightlessness in space are counter-acted.

Is it not better to colonize the Lagrange points of the Earth-Moon system instead of those the Sun-Earth system, because of radiation?

Space radiation is indeed one of the major dangers for space settlements. On earth we are protected against space radiation by our planet’s magnetosphere. Hence it is tempting to think that the Earth-Moon Lagrange points are more protected than the SELs. This is, however, a misconception.

The Lagrange points of the Earth-Moon system are most of the time outside the earth’s magnetosphere, and hence are unprotected. At both locations settlements has to protect themselves against radiation through shielding. The problem of radiation and how to deal with it, is discussed here.

Should we not fix our problems on Earth first, before considering colonizing space?

Our answer to this question is simple, we believe that space colonization can contribute to solve our problems on Earth. For example overpopulation can be solved by moving people to space habitats, environmental damage due to mining activities can be reduced, if not eliminated, by switching to asteroid mining, and asteroid mining will also combat resource depletion and so reduce the potential for international conflicts.

Why are you opposed to governmental funding of space colonization?

We are interested in establishing new (kinds of) societies, and terrestrial governments have a bad  track record on social innovation. Funding by existing governments will also imply dependency of those governments. Sovereignty means to be independent from funding by other governments

Do you consider seasteading as a necessary preliminary step for space colonization?

No. Although we do not oppose seasteading on principle, we see no benefits for space colonization arising from seasteading, for more information about our viewpoints regarding seasteading see here.

Do you pursue colonizing other stellar systems?

No, with current technology inter-stellar travel is not feasible and our own Solar System is currently large enough for humanity. So we believe that humans should first explore and settle our Solar System, before developing plans for colonizing other star systems. See also here and here.

Are you affiliated to the US Republican party?

No, in fact we are not related to any political party in the world. Further we don’t share the general policy of the GOP, because from our point of view this party, like any other party in the world, is more interested in being in power than in providing liberty to people. Secondly, our organization is aimed at a world-wide public, and not only Americans (at this moment our headquarters are based in Europe).

You claim to be based on both liberalism and republicanism, is that not a contradiction?

No, the reason that some, mostly American, readers will see this as an oxymoron is due to the fact that in American politics terms like Republican(ism) and Liberal(ism) has lost their original meaning and that as a result that many Americans (but unfortunately also an increasing number of non-Americans) use these words in their perverted meanings. We of Republic of Lagrangia believe that both  the republican and the democratic party in the USA are neither truly republican nor liberal.

Since you claim to be based on classical liberalism does that mean you are libertarians?

No, we do not consider “libertarianism” as a form of classical liberalism, although we recognize that both ideologies share some characteristics.

But since we understand classical liberalism primarily in terms as described in the works of Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, we cannot conclude otherwise that “libertarianism” is at best a perverted and degenerate form of classical liberalism.

Furthermore is “libertarianism” an a(nti-)political ideology and therefore absolutely incompatible with classical republicanism. For more on the difference between classical liberalism and “libertarianism”, see here.

The reason why have put the word “libertarianism” between quotes, is that what is commonly known as “libertarianism” is NOT Libertarianism. We believe that the proper name for what is usually called “libertarianism” is propertarianism.

For a more profound critique of libertarianism see here.

What is classical republicanism?

The nowadays almost forgotten tradition of republicanism is one of the oldest and the richest political philosophies of the Western world, it emphasises  civic virtue. The classical republican tradition is represented in the works of Aristotle, Cicero,  Machiavelli, Montesquieu, and Hannah Arendt.

What is humanism?

On the website of the American Humanist Organisation we can find the following defintion:

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

You can read more about what humanism is here.

Are you left or right?

The term left and right in politics are tricky, because they mean different things in different countries. And even within countries, different people might handle different definitions of left and right. Therefore these terms are not useful when people are involved in international discussions. For this reason we do not use the terms left and right.

Are you micronationalists?

No, we have nothing to do with so-called micronations. However we don’t oppose micronations as such, but we  don’t see how micronations are useful in realization the humanization of Space.

You call yourselves “Lagrangian Republican Association”, how will your future space based country be called?

Lagrangian Republican Association is the name of our organization. Our state will be called The Humanist Republic of Mordan. Since we believe that multiple sovereign states will be sounded at the Sun-Earth Lagrange points,it would be confusing if one of those states uses the name Lagrangia.

What about people who do not support your policies?

No one will be forced to move to a space settlement, at least not by us. We are in favor of voluntary immigration.

Anyone who for some reasons does not support our policies, shall be advised not to immigrate to Mordan. And people who will be born in our space settlements, will be free to leave our country at any time.

Should all Space Settlements follow the policies proposed on this site?

No, different groups of space settlers will have different political believes and we do not think it would help to force others to accept our proposals. Better is to have each group their own settlements and to create the type of society they think is best.

Will you cooperate with other space colonization groups, with different political believes?

Yes. We believe in pluralism and peaceful co-existence of different political and economic systems. As long as other groups will respect other groups, including us, there is no reason not to cooperate in order to establish space settlements.

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How can I join or support Lagrangian Republican Association?

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