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On August 6th, our domain name will expire. We have decided not to renew this domain. Our decision is based on the following reasons:

  1. We no longer want to financially support WordPress, due to their commitment to downgrading user experience;
  2. The name “Republic of Lagrangia” has already been obsolete for years but still people do not get it;
  3. We have registered a brand new domain name –  which we will reveal later – and hence the whole “Republic of Lagrangia” / “Lagrangian Republican Association” brands will be retired.

Also we are still intending to leave WordPress(.com) all together. However, the move to new site will be part of a larger rethinking of our strategy and our rebranding. After 8.5 years we have to conclude that mere blogging is not the way forward in creating a movement.

This “blog” will remain online until August 1st, 2022, though no new content will be published. Only updates like this one will appear here. A few thing about our new site can be stated at this moment:

  • The new site will be hosted in the EU and more precisely in the Netherlands, so it will comply with both EU and Dutch law;
  • There will be no more ability to post comments. Our experience is that comment forms are often abused by spammers and also we have to deal with a lot of low quality comments as well the occasional trolls and cranks.

We wish you all a nice day and be safe!

Forward to 2020

Some parts of the world already live in 2020, while others have to wait for another few hours. Anyway, we wish everyone a happy new year!

This will be an import year. In the summer I hope to migrate to a new, non-WordPress site. However, simultaneously I will be busy setting up my own IT Security business.  So new content will be sparse the coming months.

New Site Update

As some of our regular readers might know, we intend to move to a new website. We have decided that WordPress is not suited to our needs. We are still considering several alternatives to WP.

As the main author of this site, I have good experience in working with Pelican for building websites for my own business. So I seriously considering this as an option for the new site. Though our original plan to move to Django CMS is still a viable option as well.

We will give further updates, when they are due.

Bloody Sunday

We have learned with great sadness and astonishment of the brutal terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka earlier today. The number of victims are exceeding that of many other attacks.

We want to express our sincere and deep condolences with the victims and those close to them.

We reject any kind of violence as a means to further one’s ends and we believe that any person should be able to express his or her personal believes freely and without fear.