Reader’s Guide

On this page we will put short links to several of our more important posts. We will arrange them thematically, at least as much as possible. Since we will continue to write more and more on this blog, we will update this page regularly.


The Principles of Classic Republicanism

Principles of Public Policy

A Republic in Space

A Republic in Space 2

Forget the Moon and Start with the Near Earth Asteroids

Why colonizing the Sun-Earth Lagrange points?

Moon, Mars and Seasteading

This section contains links to our post in which we criticise those movements and plans aimed at the colonization of the Moon or Mars and Seasteading.

Several Arguments against Seasteading

Is Helium 3 really the Future?

Colonization of Mars

Mars One

Elon Musk’s Mars plan scrutinized

Why the current proposals for Space tourism are a dead end to space colonization

Proposals and Reform

This section contains links the post about the social and political reforms we propose for space settlements.

Principles for public policy

A Proposed Calender for Space Settlers

Principles of prison reform

Prison Reform

Penal transportation

The Problem of Taxation. Part One

The Problem of Taxation. Part Two

Space colonies and monetary systems. Part 1

Space colonies and monetary systems. Part 2

Space colonies and monetary systems. Part 3

The Federal Credit Bank

Banking reform

Participatory budgets

Inheritance tax and Basic Income

The 21-hour-work week

A Cooperative Economy

A few words on consumer cooperatives

Artificial wombs and gender equality

Political Philosophy and Politcs

This section contains the links to posts in we discuss philosophical issue related to Space settlement.

Principles of classical republicanism

Adam Smith on the functions of government

On the need for a secular, liberal and humanist Republic

On the Language of a Space colony

On the economy of Space Colonies

Federalism and Space colonization

Bernal Spheres, Stanford tori and the return of the polis

Dealing with piracy

Space settlements and foreign policy

Line marriage as alternative for the State?

Space colonies and the United Nations

Space settlements and foreign policy

Constitutional issues: election or random selection

Constitutional issues: Unicameralism or bicameralism

Constitutional issues: rights and constitutional review

Space settlements and food security

Citizenship for sale?

Space settlements and citizenship

Space settlements, ownership and form of government

What is a monarchy?

Practical issues of space colonization

Waste disposal, recycling and leasing

Numbers and codes

The Dangers of Space Colonization

Quality of life and Space habitats

How high can we build in a space habitat?


O’Neill Cylinders and spatial planning

Public transportation in O’Neill Cylinders

Space based solar power?

Smartphones in space

3D printing and space colonization

For the establishment of secular, liberal, humanist and republican orbital space settlements

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