Classical liberalism

We stand for classical liberalism but what do we mean with this? First of all, we mean with classical liberalism that we oppose neo-liberalism.  Neo liberalism is the ideology of (extreme) laissez-faire economics and the strong belief in deregulation.

In our opinion, however, “neo-liberalism” is a corruption of liberal ideas. For classical liberals, such as Adam Smith, markets are a mean to an end, and not an end in itself. Government has to intervene if markets would lead to unacceptable outcomes.

Also classical liberals from John Locke to Thomas Paine has endorsed the existence of some kind of welfare state to take care of the poor and disabled.

Classical liberals believe that there are certain public services, which should not be privatized.

Secondly, we emphasize political liberalism over economic liberalism. Political liberalism values:

  • Equal rights instead of hereditary privilege;
  • Representative government and rule of law versus arbitrary rule;
  • Individual autonomy.

We believe that negative  and positive freedoms are both important and that one cannot exist without the other. Government policy should be aimed at strengthening both types of freedom.

For the establishment of secular, liberal, humanist and republican orbital space settlements

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