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We are interested in the establishment of an independent and sovereign nation in the fourth and fifth Lagrange points of the Earth-Sun system based on the principles of liberal secular humanism and civic republicanism.

Unlike many other “space advocacy” groups we do not believe in colonization of the Moon or Mars. Instead we are in favour of the creation of so-called free space habitats, as proposed by people like Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Gerard O’Neill.

Further we believe that a return of man to the Moon is nothing but a waste of money, actually it is also unnecessary. As you can read here, Near Earth Asteroids are the real treasures of the Inner Solar System.

Another difference with other “space advocacy” groups, is that we reject begging for government funding, instead we prefer crowd funding. One reason for this that we want to create a sovereign space nations, accepting government funds will often imply to support certain goals of existing states. A different reason is that we do not believe in forcing people to pay for something they possibly do not like. We recommend you also to read What we are not.

If you wish to comment on our posts, we advise you to read our post on comment policy first. The reader’s guide provide an index of our more important posts. In our Manifesto you can read how we want to realise our aims. On the page external links you will find several links to other sites about or related to space colonization or classical liberalism or republicanism.

You can contact us privately by using our contact form. It might take some time before we are able to respond, but we will respond as soon as possible.

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19 thoughts on “About us”

  1. very nice site, very professional and informative.
    Thanks for the comment you left on Future Sphere, now following you. Hope you can follow me too.

  2. Mate thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog.
    You have a good one running over here. Can I be the first resident in the space habitats please?

  3. Well written and more importantly, interesting thoughts and ideas. I shall have to read more!

  4. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please visit my blog at animalsdeservetolive.com to read about it under the post titled Wow!.

  5. Even though I don’t click “follow” on any blogs for personal reasons (not really, I just don’t want to have to reformat my “omnipresent” blog layout as I keep tabs on my 5 blogs), you can be sure that I will probably end up reading all of your posts one day. From what I see, it’s very informative and intelligent. Nice work!

    1. I fully understand, my blogroll is just a simple list on my lift bar, so no one ever notice it. I follow blog mostly to keep track of interesting post since otherwise I cannot find them back.

  6. I have been dreaming of this since early childhood and have been thru most of the literature of futurists of the 1940s on up. The biggest obstacle are those who would have laughed at you had you told them that they would be holding an iPad in 20 years. Those are the lemmings who watch the Kartrashians and Honey Doo Doo before Democracy Now! I support these ideas because I’ve been trying to convince naysayers for years that this is the next logical step.

    1. Thanks for your comment! You know the saying: “First they laugh at you, then…” In a hundred years from now, we will read in history books about space colonization as if it had been a logical consequence of space exploration and science in general.

  7. Dear Mordanicus, I am writing my blog mostly for personal satisfaction but I appreciate the fact that I have gotten a lot of feedback from you and I feel that you have benefited from some of the information in more than just an awesome way. Best regards. Uldis

  8. A lot of interesting ideas presented on your site and in a careful, intelligent way. If hazards become too hard to cope with on Earth, space is clearly the next step and offers many opportunities.

  9. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog, Fur Out the Closet.
    You have some interesting ideas here ❤
    All the best,

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For the establishment of secular, liberal, humanist and republican orbital space settlements

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