On August 6th, our domain name republicoflagrangia.org will expire. We have decided not to renew this domain. Our decision is based on the following reasons:

  1. We no longer want to financially support WordPress, due to their commitment to downgrading user experience;
  2. The name “Republic of Lagrangia” has already been obsolete for years but still people do not get it;
  3. We have registered a brand new domain name –  which we will reveal later – and hence the whole “Republic of Lagrangia” / “Lagrangian Republican Association” brands will be retired.

Also we are still intending to leave WordPress(.com) all together. However, the move to new site will be part of a larger rethinking of our strategy and our rebranding. After 8.5 years we have to conclude that mere blogging is not the way forward in creating a movement.

This “blog” will remain online until August 1st, 2022, though no new content will be published. Only updates like this one will appear here. A few thing about our new site can be stated at this moment:

  • The new site will be hosted in the EU and more precisely in the Netherlands, so it will comply with both EU and Dutch law;
  • There will be no more ability to post comments. Our experience is that comment forms are often abused by spammers and also we have to deal with a lot of low quality comments as well the occasional trolls and cranks.

We wish you all a nice day and be safe!