Service announcement

It has been eight years ago when we decided to move to WordPress from blogger as our primary platform for spreading our message. Initially this proved a good decision as the number of visitors rose after our move and quickly this site got a small but loyal base of followers.

Nevertheless in recent years we have seen that over all activity on this site is in decline: after a peak in 2016 visitor numbers have decline significantly, there no new serious followers and our comment sections are very quiet.

Therefore we need to reconsider our strategy. We believe that the primary reason for this lack of results, is because our message, proposals and so on are simply too abstract and too far removed from the general public. So we have to figure out a new way to attract people to our cause.

One thing is clear and that is that WordPress is not the future of our movement. On August 25th, 2021, we will move to a new website and that will be built in something else than WordPress.

As a result of this, the following changes will be effective immediately:

  • comments will be disabled
  • no new posts will be published