Restaurant automation

After discussing the automation of farms, construction, clothing manufacturing and barber shops, let’s take a look at the future of the hospitality industry.

A Dutch restaurant already employs a robot waitress, called Amy:

The next logical step would be to equip Amy with a robotic arm, so she could not only carry drinks and food but also put it on the table.

No, I do not believe that human waiters will go away – not anytime soon at least. But their role will change. While the mundane task of actually transferring food from the kitchen to the table will be automated, waiters will have more time to entertain their clients.

Though serving food is an import job, it should be prepared first. And yes, engineers are experimenting with robot cooks as well:

An interesting note from the video above, is that human cooks will not disappear completely. However, cooks will become people who design dishes – not unlike movie directors and novelists.

Frustrated with the (unhealthy) offerings in your office canteen? Maybe your employer should consider Sally the Salad robot:

One advantage of robotic restaurants is that food can be produced faster and cheaper while being more healthy than regular “fast food”, as is explained in the video below:

Of course, people will be concerned that automation will “take their jobs”. However, the reason that developments like restaurant automation are currently explored, is the fact that in large parts of the world the population is aging. Should we really employ elderly citizens to do heavy work like this?