Rochdale School for Social Enterprise

Earlier we discussed Michael Parker’s proposal to abolish business schools and to replace them with “schools for organizing”. Though it is unlikely that business school here on Earth will go out of business anytime soon (pun intended), space settlements will provide a unique opportunity to reinvent BS.

Therefore we propose the establishment of The Rochdale School for Social Enterprise (RSSE) as the first “business school” within the Republic of Mordan. RSSE will superficially resemble a traditional BS but in line with our commitment to cooperative economics, this institution will focus on the study cooperatives and social enterprises.

Rochdale refers to the Rochdale principles of the cooperative movement and I would suppose that the remainder of the name should be obvious. These also reflect the fundamental values that RSSE seeks to promote both in its education and in society at large.

RSSE students will study (in addition to basic business economics) the theories of G.D.H. Cole, Charles Gide, David Griffiths, Wilhem Raffeissen, David Schweickhart, Beatrice Webb among others but also existing worker and consumer cooperatives. Additionally students will also do internships with cooperative and social enterprises.

Graduates of RSSE will earn (instead of a “traditional” MBA) either a Master of Social Business Administration (MSBA) or a Master of Cooperative Business Administration (MCBA).

Ideally funding the RSSE will be split between the Mordan Federal Government and the Mordan Cooperative Movement. This way tuition fees will be kept low or zero. So RSSE will be an affordable alternative for  traditional business schools, while still offering high quality business education.

The RSSE’s motto will be derived from William King: Power directed by Knowledge is Happiness. And to honor King’s 250th birthday it would be nice if this school could be opened on April 17, 2036.

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