On electricity bills

Our opinion is that the primary justification for fuel taxes is to fund the government’s responsibility to maintain infrastructure. Since there is a clear correlation between fuel consumption and road use (i.e. a certain amount of fuel is used to travel a certain distance), fuel consumption is an adequate target for taxation.

However, we do oppose internal combustion engines and we are in favor of electric vehicles. Hence alternatives for fuel taxes to be found. Given the replacement of fuel with electricity, a “road tax” on electricity seems to be the most logical options. Practically this would be a charge on each kilowatt-hour consumed.

In principle, we believe that since electricity is a public utility, electrical companies should be owned by the government. In order to prevent abuse of this “monopoly” power, electricity bills should be determined on a predetermined formula.

The first factor to be included in this formula, are the costs to produce electricity and those to main the distribution infrastructure. The second factor is based on the costs to maintain roads and to fund public transportation.

The inclusion of public transportation is motivated by fairness. Not all people will own their own car and will instead rely on public transportation. Hence it will be unfair to charge people for something they do not use.

2 thoughts on “On electricity bills”

  1. It would help if the lights would automatically turn off when one leaves the room. I am forever finding lights being left on for hours and no one is using them. 😦

    1. >>It would help if the lights would automatically turn off when one leaves the room.

      It happens that we favor such technology, which already exists, and we’ll made that mandatory for any buildings that will be build in space settlements.

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