A Republic in Space

This post was originally posted at June 8, 2011

As we said in our welcome post, we want to establish a independent republic in Outer Space. Our plans for this are primarly based on the ideas of Gerard K. O’Neill, as described in  his book The High Frontier.

O’Neill forsaw the creation of rotating space habitats in the so called Lagrange points of the Earth/Moon system. The advantage of using rotating habitats is that they produce artificial “gravity” through the centrifugal force, and therefore the provide an environment suitable for ordinary humans.

By making these space habitats large enough one can provide a living area for thousands to millions of man, and the possibilty to create an Earthlike landscape.

There are many reasons for building space habitats, e.g. for the mining of the Moon, Near Earth Asteroids and other celestial bodies, producing satellites from extra-terrestrial resources, for collecting Solar energy by Solar Power Satellites and so on. But we believe the main reason for creating space colonies is to promote Liberty.

Here on Earth civil liberty is on under pressure by governments all over the planet. And since there is no terra nullius left on our planet, we can’t go anywhere to escape from these governments and create new societies. But Space Colonization will provide the possibility to create our own society, and even several distinct societies to choose from.

This competition will possibly force Terrestrial governments to increase liberty for their citizens. But we believe that in the long run Terrestrial states can’t compete with the Spacer Societies, just like the USA replaced to European powers in world politics.